Nutrition Counseling Services

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Packages and Services:

Initial Individual consultation:

60 minutes


Prior to our first meeting, I will e-mail you a comprehensive nutritional assessment, food diary instructions, and food diary blue print. I will need all three documents returned prior to your first visit.

Includes: Detailed evaluation of your food diary; development of your foundation action plan and goals; personalized eating strategies and meal plans for optimal health!

Follow- Up Consultations:

60 minutes; $100.00

Options: Phone or in-person 

Follow-up visits are strongly encouraged to ensure your success for reaching your personal goals. Research shows having support enhances your chances of getting and, most importantly, staying healthy for life! Follow-up’s provide you with ongoing & long-term support (personal counseling and intervention strategies).

Includes: Analysis of your food diary (optional); Review of your goals & action plans; meal planning support and recipe ideas incorporating your preferences.

On-line Monthly Monitoring

 $ 250.00 Monthly (subject to change based on individual needs)

Includes: Weekly guidance based on your questions and struggle areas; weekly goal development / monitoring; weekly personalized meal planning and recipe suggestions.

Grocery Store Tour

60 minutes; $100.00

Includes: Tour of client’s regular grocery store, choosing healthy products on client’s grocery list, label reading education


This is an option designed for those who are serious about making life long changes to achieve optimal health! Please look on next page for details of the different packages offered at this time. 

Basic Package: $620.00

Save $10.00 with this package!

1 Initial Individual consultation

5 Follow up visits

Either over a 5 week or 10 week period for best results.

Follow-up visits can be conducted via phone or in-person depending on your time availability. 

Grocery Package: $720.00

Save $10.00 with this package!

Includes: 1 initial consultation; 5 follow-up visits; & 1 Grocery store visit tour 

Meal planning & recipe ideas incorporating your preferences. 

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Program: 

Certified health coach–

If someone offered you Optimal Health, would you take it? This is more than a weight-loss plan. Our program is a program for healthy living that will change you for good. On this healthy lifestyle program, using medically formulated healthy fuelings, weight comes off safely and fast – WITHOUT loss of muscle mass! 

I coach and support clients and then help them transition to normal healthy food, so they learn how to keep weight off for life. With our program, people will learn the habits of health, so they can create vitality and longevity instead of sickness and disease. Hundreds of people transform their lives first by getting down to their optimal weight and these healthy fuelings help them achieve this goal!  

YOU are the only one who has the power to starting living a life of optimal health! And with our program (plus me to help you along) – it has never been easier :)!  Contact me if you would to try this out, I would LOVE to be your health coach! 

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